Python developer

E-mail: link4900@gmail.com

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  • NumPy
  • Matplotlib
  • PyQt
  • Data visualization
  • Pandas
  • Beautiful Soup
  • PyCharm
  • MySQL – Python integration
  • PyCharm IDE
  • HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript

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I am a motivated Python developer, hoping to further use my development experience and problem-solving abilities to build and enhance applications for different engineering, industrial and scientific purposes.

I have studied and worked with Python, improving my experience and extending my knowledge with each fulfilled project.  While developing Python software, I thoroughly plan the architecture for each individual project.

I am especially concerned with the flexibility and extensibility of a project structure. I try to plan layers of abstraction, which provide the most convenient API and further growing of the project

Also, I have expertise in administration and organisation. I ran my own company for developing and administering websites and e- commerce.

My hobbies: 

I like travelling, especially to wild places and resorts. I like reading, especially science fiction, watching films, and listening to music. 



I use Python 3 or Anaconda distribution as an interpreter

I use PyCharm as an excellent IDE, effective and powerful for software development and debugging

I use PyQt for creating a convenient graphical user interface application, for providing convenient window interaction between an application and a userExperience with database engineering, and data processing.


I have used Panda for retrieving data from a large Excel file (product list). Retrieved data were then processed and sent to an e-commerce web site (directly to its MySQL database deployed on a server)


Beautiful Soup – I use it for removing extra html-code (in product descriptions in e-commerce web sites).

FROM DATABASES  (MySQL – Python integration)

I use it for connecting, import and exports data to MySQL database on remote server (in e-commerce website)

For example, I have developed Python software that queries from Python using Python-MYSQL Connector to retrieve and update information:

- extracts data from EXCEL files (using PANDAS)
- processes extracted data accordingly specific tasks
- connected to MySQL database on remote server (in e-commerce website)
- exports data to MySQL database to corresponding tables and fields


Good knowledge in libraries for data science and big data processing


  • 2000 – PhD degree in physics and mathematics. Post-doctoral Research Scientist Institute of Radio-Engineering and Electronics, Moscow, Russia
  • 2002 – 2005 Scientist working in Institute of Cancer Research London (UK) and University College Cork (Ireland)
  • 2020 – completed course of programming using Python in «Specialist» Computer Training Centre, Bauman Technical University (Moscow)


Python developer certificate from «Specialist» Computer Training Centre, Bauman Technical University (Moscow)



Python - database integration
(import - processing- export)
Python - database integration
(import - processing- export)
Scientific applications and scripts
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Для Python локальных приложений - удобный оконный GUI интерфейс

Для интернет-магазинов на MySQL: импорт - экcпорт, обработка данных

Научные приложения и скрипты, Python - Mathlab интеграция

Гибкая разработка, контроль выполнения Вашего проекта на каждой стадии